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August 2016 Archives

Advice for dog owners looking for a New York City apartment

Apartments and other rental properties in New York City have become more receptive to residents with pets than they were in the past. However, for dog owners in particular, searching for a place that will accept your four-legged family member can still be a challenge. This is particularly true for people with larger dogs and breeds like pit bulls who are (often unfairly) deemed to be dangerous.

Controversy over New York City Airbnb rentals heats up

By staying in an Airbnb host's home, travelers can get a feel for iconic neighborhoods throughout the world, often for far less than the price of a hotel room. The home sharing company, however, has had to negotiate with state and local lawmakers where regulations for this new business model are still being crafted and debated.

You don’t have to fight mold battles alone

We don't offer services that can expunge mold from your home or treat respiratory infections that come about because of mold in your building. We do, however, work with you to fight legal and financial battles that can happen because of mold.

Who is responsible when a large branch falls?

When a large branch falls onto one person's property from a tree on another person's property, who is responsible for hauling it away? Is it the owner of the house where the tree is growing, or is it the owner of the property where it landed?

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