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The right lease can change your business's outlook

When you're ready to purchase or rent commercial real estate, you do have every right to be picky about your business. Your decision to lease a storefront, for example, could make or break your company depending on its location.

Zoning regulations: Keep your business in the lines

When you want to run a business, it's important that the property you use is zoned correctly. If it is not zoned correctly, you may be unable to use the property to perform your business' operations.

Getting the right lease takes time and negotiation

If you're ready to open a business, you're probably in the market for some commercial real estate. Finding the right lease is important, and knowing that it works for you without putting strain on you is key.

Yes, you can negotiate a commercial lease

When you want to rent commercial real estate, you need to understand how to negotiate a lease. Commercial leases do not have a standard agreement, so it's a good idea to have your attorney look over any agreement you want to sign. Additionally, you may be able to get a number of concessions from the landlord if you take the time to negotiate the lease.

Consider these questions when you want to lease a restaurant

If you've always wanted to run your own restaurant, one way you could do it is by leasing a restaurant that is already empty and ready for use. If you don't have a lot of cash to start with, this is a good option. There are several benefits to leasing a restaurant space, including not having to worry about a mortgage and potentially not having utility costs or other expenses to consider.

Oakland fire draws national scrutiny to illegal use of warehouses

New York City has long been known for its vibrant arts scene. Buildings and warehouses across the city are used as artists' lofts, galleries and event spaces -- sometimes illegally.

Is New York City's diner culture dying?

Manhattan has long been known for its diners. Even people who have never lived or visited here likely know the infamous Monk's Cafe from the classic show Seinfeld. However, this year has seen the demise of a number of diners, some of them classics, that have been in business for decades.

New York leads in foreign commercial real estate investment

According to real estate broker Cushman & Wakefield, New York City has regained its spot as the most sought-after city for commercial real estate investment and development by foreign entities. New York dethroned London, which previously held the top spot.

Why are 'air rights' valuable in New York City?

Here in New York City, with limited square mileage, developers often build up rather than out, occupying valuable vertical real estate space. In fact, higher floor units, whether in commercial or residential buildings, often command higher prices because they come with some stunning views of the city and better natural light.

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