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Condominiums and challenges of a conversion project

If you have spent any time in New York City, especially as a resident, you are well aware that there are many condominiums throughout the area. While some of these buildings were constructed as condos, others were converted somewhere along the way.

Which questions should you answer about condominiums?

There are condominiums for sale all over the New York area. Some people purchase this type of property to live in full or part-time. Others make a purchase as they realize it will be a nice addiction to their investment portfolio.

Condominiums selling fast in Brooklyn’s tallest tower

When it comes to condominium sales in and around the Big Apple, some buildings sell out faster than others. A little more than two weeks after units were first made available for purchase, roughly 40 percent of the 104 condos in Brooklyn's tallest tower, located at 388 Bridge St., have been sold.

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