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Real estate sale: Know the contingencies

Are you in the process of buying a home? Are you selling your property? Regardless of what side of the transaction you are on, it is essential to become familiar with this word: contingency. If you are not familiar with the contingencies in a real estate contract, it could come back at you at some point in the future.

3 main reasons real estate transactions fail

Sometimes, real estate transactions in New York can run into snags and fall apart. For sellers, this can be very detrimental, keeping a deal from going through and leaving them on the hook for more mortgage payments than they wanted to make. To see why this happens, take a look at the top three reasons that these deals fall apart.

What are the common types of real estate litigation?

The New York City real estate market is one of the hottest and fastest moving in the world. Every day, properties change hands along with millions upon millions of dollars. With so many transactions, it is only natural for there to be disputes from time to time. In some cases, this leads to litigation.

New York City landlord looking to gobble up more real estate

The real estate market in New York City never sleeps. This is particularly true as of late with a massive turnaround taking place after many years of a down market. SL Green Realty Corp., one of the biggest and most well-known landlords in the Big Apple, is looking into acquiring space in International Gem Tower, one of the newest towers in the city. This building, completed last year in the Diamond District and developed by Gary Barnett, is sure to attract plenty of attention.

New York real estate brokers confident in the future

Real estate brokers throughout the United States have gone through a rough patch as of late, thanks to a market that took a hit due to the great recession. Fortunately, things appear to be turning around, which will put a smile on the face of any real estate broker.

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