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Understanding a mortgage lien helps you decide on a purchase

You have a home in mind for a purchase. You have been looking for months, and you're ready to buy. That's when you realize that the title might not be clear. Someone was telling you about a problem that had come up with his purchase, and now you're concerned.

It is very likely that there is a mortgage lien on the house you want to buy, but that isn't necessarily a sign that the purchase is a bad idea.

Brooklyn real estate climbs in value in 2018

If you're looking to invest in New York, it may be time to look into real estate in Brooklyn. A Jan. 11 report discusses the important increase in the median sales price of homes in Brooklyn. The median sales price rose to $770,000, 2.7 percent higher than in 2016. Brooklyn's real estate market has continued to improve even though the surrounding area in Manhattan faltered.

Will the real estate in Brooklyn continue to increase in value? Many believe it will thanks to a limited number of homes and properties available. In the last quarter of 2017, there were only 1,711 homes for sale, which is 23 percent lower than in 2106. With a declining inventory, sellers can ask for more money and get it as fewer homes are available for purchase.

New York real estate does well thanks to celebrities

Thanks to celebrities being interested in apartment shopping in the Big Apple, New York real estate had a great year. According to a Jan. 2 news report, the real estate market had its good and bad times in 2017, but with celebrities making their homes in the city, they helped boost the overall value of homes in the area.

One of the major things that influenced New York this year was President Trump's move to the White House. While the move itself isn't beneficial to New York City, whenever the first family visits, droves of people come to the streets of the city.

New tax bill could help commercial real estate businesses

A tax bill approaching a vote could be positive for commercial real estate owners in New York. According to the news, the bill would provide corporations with tax cuts, which would help businesses structured as partnerships save. Others who would benefit include pass-through companies and limited liability companies. In real estate, most businesses fit those descriptions.

The new tax proposal would give a 20 percent deduction to any taxable income to businesses like those above if the owners make less than $157,500 yearly. If the business is jointly owned, the two filers must made less than $315,000 to qualify.

5 tips for avoiding business disputes

A business law dispute that ends up in court can be very impactful on a New York company. If the business doesn't win the lawsuit, it might have to make a large payout that leaves the company bankrupt -- or significantly affects its bottom line.

Considering impactful nature of business litigation, many New York business may owners want to avoid legal disputes when possible. Here are a few tips that may be able help business owners in this regard.

Is it a good idea to sell a home to family? It can be

You've found a home you want to buy, but before you can do that, you need to sell yours. You've already put in an offer on the other home, so you're looking to sell quickly. Before you know it, you get an offer; it's not from a stranger, though.

Selling your home is fraught with difficulties, but if you've already found a buyer, you're ahead of the curve. If that buyer is someone in your family, take a moment to think about how you want to proceed carefully. Yes, your family member probably already knows about your home and has a good feel for how much work you put into it. Still, there is a possibility that you and your family member could fall into a disagreement, which is why you need to work with a professional.

Can a neighbor destroy my pit garden?

In the city, you could run into a problem with a neighbor who takes over your sidewalk garden. Sidewalk gardens are small spaces intended to be designed and cared for by the residents whose property adjoins them. They may have a tree and a small patch of ground where the resident can plant.

Also known as a pit garden, the small area is designed to beautify the city. Since residents are intended to make each pit garden their own, they shouldn't be asked to remove their plants or decorations unless the city itself requests it.

Mold: A danger that needs to be disclosed before a purchase

When you buy a home, you expect the homeowner and realtor to disclose any issues the home has, especially if those issues are costly or could cause health problems. One such problem in a home could be the presence of toxic mold.

Mold isn't particularly uncommon in homes. Toxic mold is dangerous, though. Black mold is discussed frequently, but it's not the only kind you have to watch out for. Other types that could end up making you sick. Some of the most common molds found in homes include penicillium, alternaria, stachybotrys atra, cladosporium and aspergillus.

Commercial real estate supports major companies

One good thing about owning real estate is that even if your business begins to fail, you have an investment that could support you. This is best presented in the case of Macy's. Recognized for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and its local stores around the country, Macy's is a household name. Despite that, its sales have fallen for 11 quarters in a row, and, in 2017, its stock plummeted. Now, it's around 41 percent lower than a year ago.

Many brick-and-mortar shops are seeing the same issues as Macy's, but there is a difference in this company's case. Macy's still has real estate in its favor. It owns a network of over 600 stores all across the United States, and those stores are worth an estimated $16 billion. The company itself has a market value of around $6.4 billion, making its real-estate holdings worth more than the business.

Pursue your rights after a breach of contract

As a business owner in New York, you understand the importance of contract completion. You make it a point to go that extra mile for each and every one of your clients. But, what happens when one of your business contracts, e.g., a vendor, remains unfulfilled, causing both you and your clients to suffer as a result? When this happens, you might find yourself in the middle of a breach of contract situation.

In general, a breach of contract occurs when one party to a contract fails to uphold the terms of the agreement. For example, if you own a catering business and you have a contract for to receive certain foods and ingredients from a local supplier, you depend on those items arriving in full and on time for your next job. If the supplier fails to deliver the goods specified in the contract by either missing the delivery deadline or delivering the wrong items, then a breach of contract occurs. To find out more about breach of contract and possible options for remedies, read further.

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