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Can you resolve a business contract dispute outside of court?

Running a business often means that you have to find effective ways to communicate with people with whom you don't really agree on important issues. From employees disputing an aspect of their work contract to contractors or suppliers who fail to follow through with their obligations to their business, it is inevitable that your company will have to deal with some critical disputes at one time or another.

Many times, it can seem like the only option available to your business is to enter into the litigation process. Either you may feel like you need to file suit against someone else in order to for them to take your claim seriously or you are already dealing with a civil suit brought by someone your company employs or does business with.

One of your commercial tenants filed for bankruptcy: Now what?

Your heart probably sank when you got the notice that one of your commercial tenants had just filed for bankruptcy protection. After all, the health of their business directly impacts that health of yours.

So what happens now?

New York City's real estate market is starting to suffer

The New York City real estate market is hitting a slump -- and that may make it harder for sellers to offload property that they no longer want or can afford to keep.

The city's real estate market has been experiencing problems for several reasons. The reforms created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 put a cap on the deductions that property owners can take on their federal returns for state and local taxes. The new mansion and transfer taxes are also hitting the wealthy harder and affecting the market.

Owner-assisted financing in real estate: points to consider

How can you make your home ownership dreams a reality if you don't have enough money for a down payment or don't have a great credit rating? Owner-assisted financing is one option.

Owner-assisted financing can be a viable route toward owning your own home. However, it's important to understand both the good and bad things that come along with the process.

Should you buy into a housing cooperative?

Housing cooperatives, or co-ops, are a unique part of the urban real estate market, particularly in New York. But, how do you know if you'll like living in a co-op?

Here are some basics that you can use to get started:

A written contract is your business' first line of defense

Whether your company makes physical goods that consumers purchase or provides some kind of service, you likely enter into agreements with a variety of individuals. From your employees to your clients or customers, there will be a number of people with whom you need to execute contracts.

The more time and skill you take in the creation of those contracts, the more and better protections those documents afford your business. In fact, the contracts you sign are often the simplest and most straightforward way to protect your business from litigation and disappointed prospects.

How do you close an old lien on a property?

Old liens on a property are kind of like bad pennies -- nobody seems to know how to get rid of them, and they have an annoying habit of turning up when you least expect them.

It's entirely possible for an old, long-ago (and long-forgotten) lien to cause a house sale to come to a grinding halt. If that happens, here are some of your options:

Manhattan high-rise may violate zoning laws

If there's a cardinal rule to real estate development that everyone should remember it's this: Get the zoning regulations down correctly before you start building.

Anything less can lead to a situation like the one that developers are experiencing over a 30-story condo in Manhattan that could be about five stories too tall. If a city official has her way, the building may have to be drastically remodeled and downsized to fit the rules -- a serious (and expensive) penalty for a zoning violation.

Resolving property line disputes

You know where your yard ends and your neighbor's begins, right? Well, maybe not. The problem many homeowners run into is that they (and their neighbors) assume they know where the boundary lines are between their two properties, but they have incorrect information.

Sometimes neighbors will go along for years without a misunderstanding about the property lines becoming evident. Then, one of them may decide to erect a fence or build a patio that the other neighbor thinks is over the property line. Suddenly, everybody is in an uproar and nobody knows what to do.

Thinking of buying a condo? Find out these things first

Condos have a lot of appeal to various kinds of people. For renters, condos can bring the perks of ownership without some of the hassles. For homeowners, a condo can feel like a step down without taking a step backward, especially when it comes time to downsize.

Before you buy a condo, however, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

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