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June 2013 Archives

Many tenants have security deposit issues with their landlords

New York residents are all too familiar with the expensive nature of moving to a new apartment. While the physical cost of moving (hiring a company, using gas, renting trucks, buying new furniture) is high enough, we are talking about the massive payments a new tenant must make to secure a new apartment: first and last month's rent, plus a security deposit, are common requests made by landlords.

Rent hike at Stuyvesant leaves tenants fuming

New York City residents are very familiar with the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, the largest apartment complex in Manhattan. In fact, some of our readers may have even applied for an apartment there in the past few years. Given a recent story, and depending on how that application turned out, you may be thrilled you didn't get that apartment; or cursing that you did.

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