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September 2013 Archives

Two crucial points for those seeking a dog in a no-pet residence

Imagine you are searching for a new place in New York, and you find the perfect place. It doesn't allow pets, but that's no worry -- you don't have one. For a few years, you live happily in your apartment.

Tenants are being subjected to controversial 'nonrent fees'

Imagine you recently moved in to a new apartment on your own. It's your first time living by yourself, and you really like the place. Over the next few months, you get accustomed to the layout and your expenses begin to stabilize. Paying rent, utilities and other bills becomes routine.

New York residential real estate market ranks 2nd in new survey

While most of our residential real estate conversations on this blog center on condominiums and co-ops, the market for homes is still a vastly important (and growing) area of real estate in New York City. And according to a real estate broker, the New York residential real estate market is still wildly successful, even if it hasn't been as strong as in years past.

The nonexistent 13th floor is important to real estate developers

Many people all across the country -- from San Francisco to New York City -- are aware of a real estate phenomenon that results in very few buildings listing a 13th floor. Though the building has a literal 13th floor, there is no reference to it in marketing materials; or on a map in the lobby; or on the buttons in the elevator. Instead, the building just skips from the 12th floor to the 14th floor.

Rents for commercial real estate expected to rise

Commercial real estate has a bright future in New York. What has traditionally been deemed a safe investment took a serious beating in the last recession; but since then it has seen steady growth as the national job market improves. As a matter of fact, a recent report by the National Realtors Association suggests that rents for commercial real estate are primed for growth for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014 as well. 

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