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October 2013 Archives

Real estate zoning issues at forefront in cities of all sizes

In many cities big and small, such as New York City and Allentown, real estate zoning issues come up time and time again. Even though it makes sense that zoning regulations would be set in stone, for the most part, this is not always the case. In some situations, zoning issues impact commercial development. In other instances, it is residents of a particular city or community who are affected.

Trying to buy a condo could get messy -- so be prepared

Many people in New York City may be looking for a new place to live as the winter approaches. Instead of looking at an apartment or trying to buy a home, many New Yorkers may consider applying for a place in a co-operative or a condominium. Each of these residences comes with its own set of challenges when applying. For a co-op, the process is very difficult. The background check is extensive, and you may even feel it borders on inappropriate. But, co-ops are entitled to perform such a thorough vetting process for potential residents. Even if you pass, the co-op board can reject you. 

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