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September 2016 Archives

Can co-op boards keep out registered sex offenders?

What recourse does a New York co-op board have if a registered sex offender moves into the building with an occupant who has already been approved and is living there? That was a question posed recently in a real estate column in The New York Times.

Is Queens becoming the next Brooklyn?

New Yorkers have seen Brooklyn go from a more affordable alternative to Manhattan to a hip (and increasingly pricey) borough. Now Queens seems to be headed in that direction. Areas such as Astoria, Sunnyside and Woodside are becoming particularly popular.

New York developer sanctioned by attorney general's office

He may not be as notorious as Donald Trump, but Shaya Boymelgreen is nonetheless a well-known and controversial figure in the world of New York real estate. Residents of his properties in the city have been complaining and initiating litigation for nearly a decade regarding construction issues and poor workmanship.

Why are 'air rights' valuable in New York City?

Here in New York City, with limited square mileage, developers often build up rather than out, occupying valuable vertical real estate space. In fact, higher floor units, whether in commercial or residential buildings, often command higher prices because they come with some stunning views of the city and better natural light.

Medical insurance company accused of breach of contract

Medical insurance companies are expected to meet their contractual obligations with policyholders. In some cases, these agreements work well. In others, the company may take advantage of the policyholders by failing to meet these obligations in order to make a better profit.

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