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April 2018 Archives

Millennials choosing to buy homes in booming market

Buying a home is often a dream of the young or newly married couples. Owning a home is a way to increase your worth and encourages you to invest your money into something solid. A home is a real asset that could become valuable as the economy improves and houses become a commodity in your local market.

Protect your branding from trademark infringement

Building up a successful company and brand takes time and significant financial investment. It can require years to develop a faithful customer base and a positive reputation. During that time, you will likely grow and expand your company as much as possible. It may start with building a website and designing a company logo. Soon enough, you have a visual aesthetic for your brand that people recognize and look for when making purchasing decisions.

Who owns a fence on a property line?

If you live in a neighborhood, you're probably familiar with neighbors fencing their yards. They do so to keep in pets, keep out people or animals they don't want in their yards and for decoration. Unfortunately, not all people fence their yards off appropriately, which becomes a problem for those who are affected by the fencing.

Co-operatives or condominiums? The differences matter

Before you buy a co-op or a condominium, it's important that you understand the differences between the two. In a city, it's common for people to purchase one of these two types of properties. They are similar, but they're not the same in every way.

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