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Mediation and arbitration help you resolve disputes

Real estate mediation and arbitration can make a bad situation easier to handle, especially if the other party is willing to negotiate and work with you despite a disagreement. For the most part, these types of dispute resolution are appropriate when there has been no criminal conduct. Mediation and arbitration are both often used for disputes to do with inspection issues, earnest money disputes, repair issues, claims of misrepresentation and other disputes.

Can neighbors hurt a real estate transaction?

There are many things that can stop a real-estate transaction in its tracks, but nothing hurts a sale more than finding out a property has awful neighbors. There are various ways neighbors can hurt a sale, like by having unkempt lawns or being nosy or noisy.

Push back against commercial fraud involving your business

Running a successful business isn't an easy thing to do. You have to manage so many different areas of the company, from daily operations to future growth. Finding and contracting with suppliers or wholesalers can be another major part of the job. Sadly, not every company that's in business is looking to do a great job and build a solid, long-term business. Some people are only trying to make a short-term profit, and they may not mind lying to other people to achieve that.

Deregulation case finally resolved in New York

In New York, there had been a dispute over the deregulation of a rent-stabilized unit. This dispute began in 2005 and threatened to impact all landlords and renters if the court found that the changes were unacceptable. Per the defendant, the owner had deregulated the apartment in accordance with the law.

Investing in industrial real estate: How to choose

When you're interested in adding industrial property to your investment portfolio, your main concern may be finding the right property to diversify your portfolio without losing income. You want a safe bet; The goal is to find a property with a source of steady income.

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