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September 2018 Archives

What is arbitration for a real-estate dispute?

There are literally dozens of reasons why you might end up dealing with a real-estate dispute, from arguing with tenants of your building to not approving of repairs a seller made to a property you wish to purchase. In most cases, contracts stipulate what you can and cannot do when there is a dispute.

Property taxes a growing problem for low-income New Yorkers

If you own property in New York, you may have noticed that your property taxes continue to increase. Property taxes have actually grown at three times the rate of incomes in New York. A Sept. 7 report discusses how homeownership is something that many people aspire to, but it can be a black hole of fees and taxes.

Learn these ways to avoid a business dispute

Although there are times when it is impossible to avoid a dispute, there are some tips you can follow to avoid litigation. Lawsuits are inevitable, especially when you run a business but that doesn't mean that you can't resolve them outside of court sometimes.

Buying a home? Get all the inspections you can

It is fairly normal for people to have real estate disputes. There can be numerous reasons for them, from finding new damage to a home you just purchased and had repaired to learning that a seller did not disclose all of the known damage there was in a home.

Standardization of technology would help the real-estate industry

In real estate, there is always a separation between the physical and digital media used to sell homes. New companies are emerging to encourage better data exchange and information for all parties involved.

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