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January 2019 Archives

What's exactly is cooperative housing?

These days, everyone is looking for ways to make life more affordable. Finding ways to reduce your housing costs is one way to do that -- so that has some people looking harder into cooperative housing as an alternative to owning a home, renting an apartment or buying a condo.

Who is responsible for repairs needed on a commercial rental?

In residential real estate law, issues regarding repairs and maintenance to the property are relatively simple and straightforward. For the vast majority of cases, the landlord is responsible for all major maintenance and repairs. Typically, there is a requirement that the tenant inform the landlord of necessary work in a timely manner.

Good fences and good neighbors: How to avoid a fight over a fence

The proverb "Good fences make good neighbors" is often true -- and a fence that's badly in need of repairs or an eyesore can spark some ugly disputes between otherwise reasonable neighbors. That's especially possible when a fence is parked right on a boundary line.

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