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March 2019 Archives

What happens after a deficiency judgment?

A lot of people end up losing their homes to foreclosure. Sometimes, a job loss or a sudden disability makes it impossible for someone to keep up with the mortgage. Sometimes, a marriage falls apart before there's enough equity in a home to sell it successfully, and neither spouse can afford to handle the mortgage payments alone. Sometimes, the price of real estate in an area just falls through, and borrowers feel compelled to walk away from mortgages that have put them underwater.

Investing in residential property? Run if you see these problems

Investing in residential property is popular for a number of reasons. It's often a great way for novice investors to get started when building a real estate portfolio and lease negotiations with renters aren't nearly as complicated as the kind that comes with commercial property.

7 signs of a bad business partner

Starting a new business in New York with a partner is exciting and it feels like the sky is the limit. Dissolving that partnership is complex and often frustrating. Not only do you have to navigate the complicated legal process, but you feel like that dream you both worked toward has died.

New laws that impact New York City condos and co-ops

Effective this year, there are some new laws that can impact residents of New York City condominiums and co-ops as well as the boards and corporations responsible for these residences. Let's look at two that are aimed at the health and safety of the people who live there.

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