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November 2019 Archives

Tips for selling your share of a co-op

Not just anybody can buy your share of a co-op. Housing cooperatives are quite common in New York, but the ownership interest in a co-op works very differently than owning an individual home. Taxes and repairs are shared, and there are a lot of advantages to pooling your resources -- but reselling often requires finding someone that the co-op will accept as a buyer.

Dispute resolution options for conflicts with staff or partners

When you have what seems like an intractable conflict with an employee, a client or a supplier, it may seem like there is no way for your business to resolve the issue without going to court. It is certainly true that you need to take legal action to defend your company against illegal actions or the violation of contracts.

Is it safe to invest in 'cannabis real estate'?

The cannabis industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth -- which means that it could be a great time to invest in commercial real estate that's designed to be used for growing cannabis, processing it or dispensing it to either medical marijuana patients or (eventually, you may hope) recreational users.

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