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March 2020 Archives

Zoning problems? We help clients fix real estate disputes

Sometimes, when you are in the process of purchasing a piece of real estate here in New York City, you will run into a zoning problem. Often, this is a result of not doing your due diligence prior to signing the purchase agreement.

Should you buy a New York City apartment from a divorcing couple?

With all the complexities involved with buying an apartment here in New York City, if you learn that the sellers are divorcing, should you give the property a hard pass? Not necessarily, as they may be doubly motivated to unload the property.

What counts as a deceptive trade practice?

All companies in the United States must adhere to certain standards. The statements that they make must be honest and clear, and they cannot deceive consumers, investors or employees through poor and false statements. If you are concerned about being involved in a legal dispute because your company has been accused of deceptive trade practices, you should take this very seriously.

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