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June 2020 Archives

What to do when it's a seller's market in real estate

The historically low interest rates right now have would-be homeowners out in droves. Coupled with the fact that many established homeowners aren't selling, the situation is making the median price of a home in New York City soar.

What happens if I didn't secure a construction permit in New York

Many New York City homes are older. It's not uncommon for homeowners to go in and update their house when they first move in or as they live in it. Two of the more common rooms homeowners update are their bathrooms and kitchens. You must take out a permit with the city before starting any work. If you don't, then you could expose yourself to legal liability.

Being accused of deceptive trade practices

There are laws in place that prohibit deceptive trade practices. If you have been accused of engaging in deceptive trade practices, it may be that a disgruntled competitor is fearful that they will lose customers to you and simply wishes to make a false accusation against you. While an accusation of deceptive trade practices does not necessarily mean that your business will face legal consequences, it is important that you consider how the law applies to your situation and the defenses you have at your disposal.

Don't attempt a condo conversion on your own!

You likely put in a lot of work if you own a Manhattan apartment building. You may have dreamt about finding a way to reduce your workload but not be overly clear about how to do so. Pursing a condominium conversion may allow you to be less hands-on than you currently are.

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