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July 2020 Archives

Know what details your offering plan should include

The New York State Attorney General's Office oversees the Real Estate Finance Bureau. That state-government agency determines what information condominium buyers and sellers and respective condo associations or cooperatives (co-ops) should include in their offering plans.

How to end a business partnership

You hoped that it would never come to this point, but you now need to dissolve your business partnership. Problems may have been brewing for some time, or perhaps matters only recently came to light that make continuing the partnership not just unwise but untenable.

Rent or rent-to-own: What's the difference?

As a renter, you've always wished that you could own your own home -- but scraping together the money for a down payment is unrealistic. Maybe your credit score has suffered along with the ups and downs of the economy, as well, making it uncertain whether you can even get a conventional mortgage.

Clauses in commercial leases: The top ones to know

Commercial leases are nothing like residential ones. For the most part, it's "renter beware" when it comes to commercial leases. As a business owner, the law generally presumes that you're savvy enough to avoid getting stuck with a bad lease.

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