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August 2020 Archives

Can you oust someone from your co-op board?

You genuinely appreciate all the hard work that your co-op's board of directors does. The board members clearly take their responsibilities to heart. They're also a pretty diverse lot, so there's a lot of give-and-take on the important issues -- except for that one guy.

What are the risks of making a cash offer on a house?

You've noticed that it's a seller's market out there in real estate -- but you've finally found the home of your dreams. You've heard that all-cash offers make up roughly 29% of single-family home sales, and you're wondering if putting cold, hard cash on the table will convince the seller to pick your offer above all others.

How can small businesses collect debts?

The past few months have been hard on the small business community here in New York City as elsewhere. Businesses that might be seeing only a slight summer slump at this point in the year may now be teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy.

How do you talk a property seller down in price?

When you find a great piece of property to buy, it can be downright painful to realize that a buyer is asking too much. Sometimes, a seller is just being unreasonable -- other times, they're simply optimistic. Either way, you shouldn't walk away without trying to negotiate a more respectable figure.

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