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5 ways to avoid business litigation and business lawsuits

A highly successful business will attract potential lawsuits; it's almost guaranteed. However, most of these business disputes do not have to end up in court. In most cases, business owners and managers can navigate a dispute without the need for litigation.

5 tips for avoiding business disputes

A business law dispute that ends up in court can be very impactful on a New York company. If the business doesn't win the lawsuit, it might have to make a large payout that leaves the company bankrupt -- or significantly affects its bottom line.

Pursue your rights after a breach of contract

As a business owner in New York, you understand the importance of contract completion. You make it a point to go that extra mile for each and every one of your clients. But, what happens when one of your business contracts, e.g., a vendor, remains unfulfilled, causing both you and your clients to suffer as a result? When this happens, you might find yourself in the middle of a breach of contract situation.

You can take a stand if a tree or structure blocks your view

Imagine purchasing the perfect property in New York City. You have beautiful views, overlook the parks and enjoy seeing sunrises and sunsets from your living room. Then, one day, you wake up with a blocked view. In the once grassy lot next to you, someone planted large trees that are impeding the view from your living room windows.

A blocked view can damage your business

When you have a business in the city, the last thing you want to see is a neighboring business have a construction team that blocks the traffic to your store. Construction has the potential to cause you serious losses, and it's something your neighboring business owner should have talked to you about.

Which kind of mediation is right for your dispute?

When most business owners hear about mediation, they think about one thing: the notion of "compromise." In other words, it's common fear of business owners in the throes of a business dispute to worry that they won't get everything they want during their mediation process.

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