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Protect your branding from trademark infringement

Building up a successful company and brand takes time and significant financial investment. It can require years to develop a faithful customer base and a positive reputation. During that time, you will likely grow and expand your company as much as possible. It may start with building a website and designing a company logo. Soon enough, you have a visual aesthetic for your brand that people recognize and look for when making purchasing decisions.

4 ways to solve a business partner dispute

Working with a business partner is a lot like having any other kind of relationship. Some days are going to be great, and you will see eye to eye on everything. On other days, the two of you might not be able to stand in the same room together. These kinds of ups and downs are typical in any kind of relationship, but when the operations of your New York business is in danger, it might be time to find a solution to your differences.

Thinking of shutting down? 10 steps to dissolve your company

After years of running your own bookkeeping practice, you are ready to retire and start the next chapter in your life. Unfortunately, ending a business is not as easy as locking up the office and just walking away. Many ramifications exist when you close up shop. You will have to deal with tax issues, informing your employees of your intentions, and notifying your clients.

Be careful whom you do business with, not every vendor is honest

You have picked out a space for your new yoga studio, now you need to contact vendors for equipment, fixtures, and items for resale. Choosing the right vendor is very important when you start a new business. You want to do business with people that are reliable. The last thing you need is for a vendor to tell you he or she cannot deliver your order at the very last minute.

Breach of contract: 5 points to consider

As a business professional, you deal with contracts on a regular basis. While most agreements will never wind up in a dispute, it's important to remember that this could happen at some point. From delays to financial problems, you never know what could lead to a breach of contract.

Medical insurance company accused of breach of contract

Medical insurance companies are expected to meet their contractual obligations with policyholders. In some cases, these agreements work well. In others, the company may take advantage of the policyholders by failing to meet these obligations in order to make a better profit.

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