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Leasing a warehouse for the first time? Here are some tips

Every business has to start somewhere. When you're first starting out, you probably don't want to invest heavily in any real estate, so that means getting a lease. It's smart to remember that leasing a piece of commercial property, however, is nothing like signing a residential lease. There's a lot more room to negotiate, you have less protection against abuses and the consequences of a mistake are usually bigger.

Clauses in commercial leases: The top ones to know

Commercial leases are nothing like residential ones. For the most part, it's "renter beware" when it comes to commercial leases. As a business owner, the law generally presumes that you're savvy enough to avoid getting stuck with a bad lease.

How do you finance an investment property?

Investment property is a great way to develop your passive income, increase your assets and acquire financial stability -- but first, you have to make a purchase. That's not always the easiest thing to do unless you happen to have a lot of cash laying around.

Is it safe to invest in 'cannabis real estate'?

The cannabis industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth -- which means that it could be a great time to invest in commercial real estate that's designed to be used for growing cannabis, processing it or dispensing it to either medical marijuana patients or (eventually, you may hope) recreational users.

Tips for long-distance real estate investing

A commercial property investor who never looks much beyond their own back door will probably end up missing out on some prime opportunities. Some of the best real estate deals you may ever encounter could be located halfway across the country -- or further.

Is commercial real estate about to go through a recession?

There has been considerable talk in the media lately about the potential of a recession in the near future. Even speculation about a recession can affect many investors' decisions about whether to put money into any commercial property.

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