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Are you dealing with squatters on your property?

Few things are as annoying as having to deal with squatters on your New York City property. This is compounded because in this jurisdiction, squatters do indeed have rights. Learn how you can fight back and take legal possession of your property once again.

Zoning problems? We help clients fix real estate disputes

Sometimes, when you are in the process of purchasing a piece of real estate here in New York City, you will run into a zoning problem. Often, this is a result of not doing your due diligence prior to signing the purchase agreement.

What's a spite fence?

A good fence can protect your property from intruders, safely corral your dogs or kids in your yard and serve as a marker for the boundary between your property and another's. Bad fences, on the other hand, can be an eyesore and a detriment like no other.

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