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What should you do if you're facing a real-estate dispute?

In real estate, people often have disputes. It might be over the neighbor putting items on their property or because of problems with a home that were not disclosed during purchase. It's important for those who are concerned about a property to have the chance to make things right with the other party.

What is arbitration for a real-estate dispute?

There are literally dozens of reasons why you might end up dealing with a real-estate dispute, from arguing with tenants of your building to not approving of repairs a seller made to a property you wish to purchase. In most cases, contracts stipulate what you can and cannot do when there is a dispute.

Buying a home? Get all the inspections you can

It is fairly normal for people to have real estate disputes. There can be numerous reasons for them, from finding new damage to a home you just purchased and had repaired to learning that a seller did not disclose all of the known damage there was in a home.

Zoning regulations restrict your property

Zoning laws make sure that certain types of structures are placed in a way that is beneficial to the local economy and the people who live in the area. Zoning regulations control the way a municipality is divided into commercial, industrial and residential zones.

Mediation and arbitration help you resolve disputes

Real estate mediation and arbitration can make a bad situation easier to handle, especially if the other party is willing to negotiate and work with you despite a disagreement. For the most part, these types of dispute resolution are appropriate when there has been no criminal conduct. Mediation and arbitration are both often used for disputes to do with inspection issues, earnest money disputes, repair issues, claims of misrepresentation and other disputes.

Deregulation case finally resolved in New York

In New York, there had been a dispute over the deregulation of a rent-stabilized unit. This dispute began in 2005 and threatened to impact all landlords and renters if the court found that the changes were unacceptable. Per the defendant, the owner had deregulated the apartment in accordance with the law.

Who owns a fence on a property line?

If you live in a neighborhood, you're probably familiar with neighbors fencing their yards. They do so to keep in pets, keep out people or animals they don't want in their yards and for decoration. Unfortunately, not all people fence their yards off appropriately, which becomes a problem for those who are affected by the fencing.

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