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Landlord-tenant lease disputes, other concerns

Anytime there is a landlord and tenant involved, there is always the chance for a dispute to arise. This doesn't always happen but being aware of potential issues is important. This holds true no matter if you are the owner of the property or the person renting it out.

Why an agent could get caught in a real estate dispute

Real estate agents are heavily involved in helping people buy and sell homes and in doing so, they can also be in the center of some disputes that happen as a result. In some cases, the agents may be targeted by these lawsuits for what they did or what they failed to do.

Could real estate disputes arise from change to tax law?

Throughout New York City and surrounding areas, there are vacant plots of land that have sat dormant for many years. Despite the fact that the property value of these lots has increased over the years, owners continue to sit back and do nothing.

Real estate zoning issues at forefront in cities of all sizes

In many cities big and small, such as New York City and Allentown, real estate zoning issues come up time and time again. Even though it makes sense that zoning regulations would be set in stone, for the most part, this is not always the case. In some situations, zoning issues impact commercial development. In other instances, it is residents of a particular city or community who are affected.

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