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What are your options when a neighbor cuts or kills your tree?

In a perfect world, neighbors would always peacefully resolve their disputes. In the real world, however, things between neighbors can take a nasty turn with little provocation. Previously genial neighbors can become cold and passive-aggressive over minor things like the placement of a garbage bin or someone forgetting to mow their grass. Many times, the dispute that causes a neighborly rift may be over a tree.

How to handle illegal subletting

In the age of online rentals, you may have a tenant that is tempted to sublet your rental property while he or she goes on an extended vacation. Or, perhaps your tenant has moved to a less expensive unit and is now using your property as a source of income.

Controversy over New York City Airbnb rentals heats up

By staying in an Airbnb host's home, travelers can get a feel for iconic neighborhoods throughout the world, often for far less than the price of a hotel room. The home sharing company, however, has had to negotiate with state and local lawmakers where regulations for this new business model are still being crafted and debated.

What are the options for resolving real estate disputes?

When real estate deals go awry, there are several options for resolving disputes. Dispute Resolution Systems is used to settle disputes without going to court. It is often a cost-effective and faster resolution than going to court.

Tenants embroiled in 20-year dispute

A child born when a festering dispute over New York City tenancy and debt began would today be an adult. The dispute has ensnared both the low-income tenants of a Lower East Side property and a neighborhood credit union that occupies the first floor of the building.

Who settles financial disputes between real estate agents?

As a real estate agent, you take great pride in helping buyers and sellers get the best deal possible. It is what drives you to get up in the morning. It is also what keeps you in an industry that is not always kind.

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