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3 main reasons real estate transactions fail

Sometimes, real estate transactions in New York can run into snags and fall apart. For sellers, this can be very detrimental, keeping a deal from going through and leaving them on the hook for more mortgage payments than they wanted to make. To see why this happens, take a look at the top three reasons that these deals fall apart.

Copper apartment towers to bring fresh look to Midtown East

A portion of Midtown East in Manhattan, New York has been underdeveloped for a while now. The relatively vacant area of the city will be a major target for real estate development in the coming years; and one of the first stones has been cast.

New York City's Steinway Hall sold to development group

When you hear about a major real estate transaction, you probably don't put much thought into what went on behind the scenes to make the deal happen -- and that's okay, because the details of such a real estate purchase are not exactly interesting. But they are important for those looking to sell or purchase real estate, even if they lack excitement.

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