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Investing in residential property? Run if you see these problems

Investing in residential property is popular for a number of reasons. It's often a great way for novice investors to get started when building a real estate portfolio and lease negotiations with renters aren't nearly as complicated as the kind that comes with commercial property.

Property taxes a growing problem for low-income New Yorkers

If you own property in New York, you may have noticed that your property taxes continue to increase. Property taxes have actually grown at three times the rate of incomes in New York. A Sept. 7 report discusses how homeownership is something that many people aspire to, but it can be a black hole of fees and taxes.

What can you do if a seller doesn't disclose problems in a home?

If you buy a home and later find that it has significant issues, you may be in a position to file a claim against the previous owner. Not all situations can result in a claim, though, just because you're unhappy with a property.

Protect yourself against material defects when buying a home

The home-buying process is not always an easy one, and there is always a pinch of risk that comes with a purchase. For the most part, sellers are honest and disclose when there are serious issues with a home. However, there are times when sellers don't disclose issues that they know about. For instance, a seller may try to cover up the fact that the basement leaks or that there are other serious defects in the home.

Can neighbors hurt a real estate transaction?

There are many things that can stop a real-estate transaction in its tracks, but nothing hurts a sale more than finding out a property has awful neighbors. There are various ways neighbors can hurt a sale, like by having unkempt lawns or being nosy or noisy.

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