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New York residential real estate market ranks 2nd in new survey

While most of our residential real estate conversations on this blog center on condominiums and co-ops, the market for homes is still a vastly important (and growing) area of real estate in New York City. And according to a real estate broker, the New York residential real estate market is still wildly successful, even if it hasn't been as strong as in years past.

Debate over 'roommate law' a reminder of zoning and housing laws

Far to the north of New York City lies Watertown, a quaint city near the Canadian border. As you can imagine, Watertown's real estate situation is predominantly residential. The town wants to protect its residential neighborhoods and ensure that the residents of their city are keeping in line with the city's housing codes.

Rent hike at Stuyvesant leaves tenants fuming

New York City residents are very familiar with the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, the largest apartment complex in Manhattan. In fact, some of our readers may have even applied for an apartment there in the past few years. Given a recent story, and depending on how that application turned out, you may be thrilled you didn't get that apartment; or cursing that you did.

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