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New York developer sanctioned by attorney general's office

He may not be as notorious as Donald Trump, but Shaya Boymelgreen is nonetheless a well-known and controversial figure in the world of New York real estate. Residents of his properties in the city have been complaining and initiating litigation for nearly a decade regarding construction issues and poor workmanship.

How do co-ops and condos differ?

The New York City housing market is a unique and often challenging one. One type of housing that is more common here than in many cities is the cooperative, or "co-op." Even though co-op residents outnumber condo residents in New York City, condos are gaining via new construction.

What are the responsibilities of a board of directors?

Having a good board of directors is key to ensuring the smooth running of any cooperative or condominium. Without the board, any condo or co-op would be unable to function, and the happiness and satisfaction of owners and residents hinges on the board’s management of any number of different issues - yet many associations struggle to recruit directors, leaving vital positions vacant.

Learn more about condo conversion projects

When it comes to a condo conversion project, there is more than meets the eye. There is more to this than you may realize upfront. For this reason, it is important to fully understand what you are getting into, how to avoid trouble and how to address any challenges that present along the way.

How to avoid and deal with common HOA problems

While not always the case, most owners of a residential condominium will be a member of a private association. Known as the homeowner's association, or HOA, it can be responsible for everything from security to repairs to maintenance.

Important condo inspection considerations

Purchasing a condo and single family home are similar in some ways. However, there are some key differences to be aware of, especially during the inspection process. The primary difference is the fact that you are sharing walls with other units, while also becoming part of a bigger association. This does not hold true when purchasing a single family dwelling.

Two crucial points for those seeking a dog in a no-pet residence

Imagine you are searching for a new place in New York, and you find the perfect place. It doesn't allow pets, but that's no worry -- you don't have one. For a few years, you live happily in your apartment.

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